Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Guest Posting - come 'see' me

Good Morning.

Today I am guest posting over at a local blog, Jacksonville Moms Blog. They are a really cool local blog for MOMS covering all topics. I am blessed to be able to have my first guest post there sharing how to make a wooden hanging heart.

This is a picture of the heart hanging outside my home.

Sunday is FEBRUARY y'all! Its time to get out some heart shaped decorations. Head on over to Jax Moms Blog now to read the full tutorial. If you are local to Jacksonville you should follow them as well, they have such a wide range of really informative and fun posts.

Let me know what you think!

Friday, January 2, 2015

A Frame

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2015 be a great year for you!

I have this beautiful frame, that used to by my husband's grandparents. It was empty when I got it, and I have been looking for a place in our house for it to go.

I had a spot in the dining room that I have tried lots of things in, and decided this frame, with a plate rack below it, worked. The problem was what to put IN it? I bought a letter on sale at Hobby Lobby for $4 and hung it in the center. But it was not enough, so I painted the letter green. It was better but not it.

I thought about cutting some old beadboard to fit in the frame, but did not want to fuss with the wood.

Then all of a sudden, the lightbulb went off in my head. I had leftover bead board wallpaper from the bathroom in our last house, and I could put that on some foam core board! Easy and cheap!

I bought foam core board at JoAnn's (using a 40% coupon of course) for less than $5.00. I measured the opening in my frame and using my rotary cutter and cutting mat, cut it to fit.

Then I cut the wallpaper to cover the foam core board and adhered it with spray adhesive.

Then I painted it with a color I love. This is a color I used when I painted stripes on the nursery wall for my oldest! It is called Leapfrog by SW.

To put the covered board in the frame I just placed it there. It fit perfect and I did not need to put anything behind it to hold it. The nice thing is that the foam core board is so light that it does not add any weight to the frame. I hung the letter with a sating ribbon and pulled it up between the frame and the foam core board. I did put a tack through the ribbon into the wall for added support of the letter. This is at the very top of the frame and you can't see it unless you get on a chair to look down....or you are VERY TALL!

I did have to paint the letter again (since it was green), so I painted it black. This is Black Iron by BM, the same black I painted the front door.

I love this bead board in a frame look so much I may have to go to Goodwill just to find frames so I can do it again!

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