Friday, October 3, 2014

Gallery shelf for Kitchen

Many of you have probably seen the gallery shelves in stores like Pottery Barn, and seen lots of bloggers DIYing them too. I have seen multiple tutorials on them, but the first I actually read was Ana White's tutorial when I bought her book last year. I thought to myself, that is something that is so easy and has a big impact...... I have to build one.

Well, it has been a while, but I did build a 6 foot long one. It was very easy, but took me a little longer than it should have because I had to cut my own boards. Being the frugal thrifty gal that I am, I did not go buy pre-cut 1 X 3's or 1 X 2's. That is because I had a 16 foot 1 X 12 board in the garage that I wanted to use. It would have been much easier if I had a table saw. Maybe I should ask Santa for that this year!!! So I had to measure and use clamps to set up a ledger to run my circular saw along so that I had a straight cut.

So after all the setup, I actually cut my board as 2 3/4" strip for the back and bottom. Then I had to cut a 1 X 2 so I cut that at 1 1/2" wide, (for the front) as I did not want the front lip to be too large if I had cut it at a true 2".

Here is a finished picture. I decided to paint the wall a color (below there is a before that only has the flat builder's paint....yuck...). It is the same as the bathroom where I showed you how to plank a wall, and the back of the Billy Built in unit. The other walls will be a neutral color that is yet to be determined.....

And a reminder of where we started....

I used wood glue and my nail gun to put it all together. After sanding, I painted it. Then I installed it finding the studs in the wall and using 3" screws through the back and into the studs. This baby is not going anywhere!

Here are the dimensions and a close up of how they go together.

Here are some more pictures from different angles. You can see it is NOT perfect. I could have sanded the ends a little more. But I did not. I could always do it now..... And anything that I place on the shelf will cover the screws and any other little imperfections!

I just put the chalkboard menu and cork board back up. I added the dry erase board, which is not finished yet. I need to frame it out. Or I may do something different using clipboards....not sure yet....

This is where you come in. I need help with this space. I don't know what to do above it. It does not feel finished.....

Should I:
1. Add another shelf - same size - above it. Maybe put plates on it, or wooden platters etc?
2. Put some sort of salvages molding, that is purely decorative?
3. Make some sort of sign, or two or three, to hang above in a row?
4. Any other ideas?

Please send me and email, or comment below, what you think I should do. I am at a total loss. Could be pregnancy brain, but I need some help!!!!

I can NOT draw on photos - but this line depicts another shelf above the current one, just to get a visual. I think I like it. Maybe...

Here is another before and after just because....

Thanks for stopping today and have a great day! And don't forget, I need some ideas!!!!

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Thrifty Finds Friday #9

Happy Fall Y'all!

It has finally felt like fall here in the south, even if only for a day or two! But I will take it! I can't wait for this cool weather to last. I'm over the summer (like I am every JULY!...)

I found several treasures I want to share with you on this Thrifty Finds Friday. First up is a ceramic pitcher and cork board I found. This cork board is the exact size as one we already own, so I will paint the trim to match and hang together for a larger board in the boy's room.

The pitcher was $4 and is a beautiful shape. There are no chips anywhere.

I spied this little table at a Thrift store this week and it is the perfect size for my bedroom. I have been looking for a little table to replace my round bedside table. I want storage and was looking for a small dresser. This only has one drawer, but I think I can find baskets for the shelves, and will paint it and it will be awesome! The best part is, it is solid wood and very sturdy (it is very...very...heavy...) and it was only 14.99!

Have a great weekend.