Monday, April 7, 2014

Stamped Easter Napkins

Well, as usual I was doing things last minute! I had to send in Easter napkins for my son's Pre-K Easter party. They needed to be sent in Monday and I was going to buy them Sunday. Due to some circumstances Sunday morning I did not buy them as planned. Once we got home, there was no way I was leaving again (I hate to drive and that is all I do all week).

I knew I could figure out something.....

I had a package of nice thick large white napkins. I thought of stamping them and found a cute little chick stamp (I have lots of stamps). I did not have any yellow ink though. However, I have done beautiful stamps with ink before (on paper), and I had a yellow marker.

Here are my supplies:

To do this you simply use the marker to color the surface of the stamp. Then you breathe on the stamp. Sounds odd, I know, but this will keep the ink damp in case it dried a little while you were coloring the stamp. Like maybe you were distracted....

Then you stamp on the napkin.

Easy way to get cute little napkins for an Easter party! I apologize about the pictures - the yellow must be such a contrast to the white napkin, my poor photography skills are showing for real.

If you read my post about kitchen hardware and spray painting kitchen hardware, I have updated the pictures and added more. You can see them in my post here.

Have a great week!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Getting things on the walls

Moving stinks!

As exciting as it is to be in a beautiful new home, it is also frustrating to me. I want it to look beautiful, like yesterday. Do you know what I mean? Life goes on, I work, I take care of the kids and the household and get to do things in my spare time! Sometimes I am so tired that I want to do nothing, even though I have lots to do in the house. See my list (that has grown a lot) in this post.

So today I am going to share how I finally got some of my things on the wall. I have moved a bunch of items around but, finally I have found an arrangement I love, and I will share it with you.

I have a wall between the two windows in my family room. I found a dresser on Craigslist that I redid (you can catch a glimpse in a couple pictures) that fits perfectly between them. As soon as I find the right pulls, I will post about it. Anyways, it was the wall above this that I hung my pictures.

I love the look of a frame layered within a frame. The outside frame on the bottom is the old kind with the linen border on the interior. Just LOVE it! I have another one that is much larger that I have to figure out a perfect spot for.... Here are close ups of the frame and the lower print, which was a gift. It is a watercolor of Sedona. We traveled there with my sister and her husband and it was just stunning.

Thank you for reading, I hope you like my little arrangement. Baby steps........ I finally picked a color for the walls!!!

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